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Responsive Web Design

From user interface design to front-end web development, I work hard toward building better communication between you and your customers.

Brand Development

If you believe in the phrase "your name precedes you", then you know how important it is for you to realize that a customer will perceive your business based off of how they view your identity.

CMYK Print Design

No matter how advanced technology becomes print will remain the best way of communicating product and service for consumers.

Digital Design

Need help retouching photos? Looking for a designer that could create dynamite instructional design graphics? Then I am your man.

About Me

Responsive Web Design - 75%

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Brand Development - 85%

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CMYK Print Design - 95%

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Digital Design - 95%

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Mario McMeans is a successful Creative Designer & Freelancer driven by his two passions-- mastering design and extending the limits of his imagination. For the past 10 years he’s had the privilege of working with some of the best businesses in Texas; Reviewit Magazine, MDG, ABI Digital, and College Degrees, just to name a few. All of them different industries that lend a unique perspective on Design and communication.

When he’s not out there saving the princess or trying to find Luigi you will find Mario enjoying the company of fellows artists at a pub or relaxing to an audio drama while trekking through the city of Houston. Exploration and listening to a good story is something Mario truly lives for. If you would like to collaborate on a project then please do not hesitate to contact Mario. The possibilities of creating something amazing are limitless.


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If you love clean design, then you will appreciate my work. My work is inspired by Swiss design aesthetics--simple lines with multiple functionality.

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Dust Devils


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Termite Guard

Vehicle Wrap

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Sweet Spot


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In need of a freelance designer? Whether you have a logo project or perhaps your printing business need help with customer design, IHeartMario is at your service. Please feel free to contact me--I'm also available late night for last minute needs.

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